Difficulty getting through on telephone lines



Our attention has been drawn to various comments on Facebook that patients are having difficulty getting through on our telephone lines.  It appears that our lines are constantly engaged or when you do manage to get through the line drops and you are cut off from speaking to the practice.


I would like to reassure you that we have informed our telephone provider of the incidents that you have reported and BT are also looking into this for us.


As an alternative in the meantime please use our e-consult service or perhaps speak to a pharmacist who also may be able to help you.  Our doors remain closed and only entry to those with appointments are currently permitted this is to help maintain footfall to the practice and to keep both you and our staff safe.


Unfortunately we do have some staff currently self-isolating or on annual leave and so we are taking slightly longer to answer the telephones and deal with the incoming calls.


Thank you for your patience during this time.

Patient Letter



The Primary Care Bulletin, issued on 13 July by Dr Nikki Kanani, GP and Medical Director for Primary Care and Ed Waller, Director for Primary Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement included guidance about Infection Prevention Control IPC in healthcare settings.  It stated: “Following the PMs announcement that face coverings will be optional and social distancing will not be necessary from 19 July, it is important to note that current IPC guidance remains in place at this time.”  As such, clinical infection control measures: use of additional PPE, uniform guidelines (specifically changing clothes and shoes at beginning and end of shift; ‘below the elbow’ rule; belts and other accessories should remain. 

This toolkit supports the communication of this policy to staff as well as visitors and patients attending GP practices across Suffolk and north east Essex.  It has been developed in collaboration with the Communications team at West Suffolk Hospital.  


There will be a strong need to communicate these steps against a background of relaxation of national measures.  It is proposed Suffolk County Council’s Jab, Test, Protect the Rest is used as branding on posters for GP practices across the Suffolk and North East Essex ICS. 


This toolkit will be issued to all GP practices across SNEE which would include the following.  The decision whether to use these materials will be down to each individual practice:


  • Poster – two different versions each giving the same message for practices to print and display
  • Letter to patients (for practices to issue)
  • Social media assets – promoting the wearing of face coverings and that abuse against staff will not be tolerated
  • Press release – for uploading to their websites



The below key messages are designed to assist staff respond to queries about post 19 July restrictions within GP practices:

  • We want to thank the public for their support;
  • Hands, face and space keeps us safe and will still need to be used post 19 July in GP practices;
  • Vulnerable patients need additional protection from Covid in our practices. Help us to help them;
  • If more people come into our GP practice and don’t wear face coverings, it is more likely that Covid infections will increase. This could increase the health risk of vulnerable patients getting the virus;
  • Not wearing a face covering could also increase the chance of staff getting the virus which could result in more colleagues self-isolating. This could increase the likelihood of the surgery closing; 
  • We want the public to work with us so we are again asking people to be kind and respectful to our colleagues.



On 19 July 2021 legal restrictions on face coverings and other anti-Covid measures for the general public are due to be lifted. Early indications indicate that the continued use of face coverings, social distancing and hand washing will still be necessary after 19 July, to reflect the additional risks inherent in healthcare and to maintain strong infection prevention and control.

There is concern that GP and other healthcare settings may see an increase in aggression and anti-social behaviour linked to people not wanting to wear face coverings, follow social distancing guidelines or to follow rules about restricted visiting and people coming in to support patients.



Included in this toolkit are some materials to support practices communicate post 19 July messages.  It will be for each individual practice to decide how best and whether to use them:


  • Key messages - to support staff in responding to queries about post 19 July restrictions within GP practices


  • Posters


  • Social media assets


  • Press release


  • Template letter for practices to send to their patients

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Campaign video produced by the Institute of General Practice Management, to end abuse in GP practices: “If I die it will be your fault”

The full 4 minute version can be seen here:

advice parents

Advise for parents during coronavirus

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Haverhill Chill, Chat & Play

Sleep Interventions

In Wellbeing Suffolk we have the following sleep interventions available:



  • Living Life to the Full Module ‘Getting a better nights sleep’ (under optional modules) – self-referral via


Webinars are single session psychoeducational workshops delivered online and can be accessed via any device connected to internet. These can be accessed by anyone aged 16 years or over. Participants will not be able to see each other but can communicate with the facilitator via a text box.


We also offer the following which might be of use for improving sleep:





If there is also concurrent anxiety or low mood, we would recommend a referral for an assessment with us.

Self-referral via


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Stourview Closure

Stourview will be temporarily closed until further notice.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 


The NHS App is free to download from your chosen app store, and once registered, you will be able to book appointments, order prescriptions, view your medical record including results and correspondence, and also access patient information and advice.  For more details, please visit

NHS Covid-19 App

The practice now has a QR Code for entry into the premises. Therefore, we would be grateful if you could download the app and use this on entering the building. Please see the following information. If you are unable to do so, please advise us when you arrive at our reception and we can update your records to advise you do not have the app.


The app willl also show patient's C19 vaccinations and will be required for overseas travel once borders are open to prove you have been vaccinated.


Social Distance and Appointment Times

Please do not arrive any earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment time. For social distancing reasons, we are only allowing a few patients in and out of the practice at one time. Therefore, if you are too early you will be asked to wait outside the building until just before your appointment time. We are currently letting patients in at the front of our building and exit at the rear via the practice car park.


On entry to the practice, we request that you clean your hands with the sanitiser provided, ring the buzzer and speak to our receptionist who will let you in. Please wear a mask to any appointment you have at the practice. If you do not have a mask, we may be able to supply you with one, but we do recommend that you purchase one. These are available in local supermarkets near the pharmacy counters. Please re-sanitise your hands on entry to the practice and take a seat in the waiting room where the clinician will come and collect you.


Thank you for your attention to this notice.


Are you aged 70 to *79 - if yes, you may be eligible for a shingles vaccination - *please speak to reception to check your eligibility.  

Suffolk Family Carers

 Do you look after a partner, relative, friend or neighbour?

 You're not alone! We can help.

 Come along to our Family Carer Session for:

Family carer related information, support with your health and well-being, advice on benefits and lots more... 

It's FREE and open to all residents of Haverhill. 

We are at Haverhill Family Practice from 9-12am on the fourth Thursday of every month.

For more information contact:

Emily Meadows: Tel: 07557630965 or email


Wellbeing Suffolk Online Workshop Webinars

On the right is a list of the latest one off Workshop Webinars available from Wellbeing Suffolk. They have some new sessions as well as the old favourites. These webinars are completely anonymous sessions where people can come along and learn about how to live life well. If you know anyone who you think would benefit from them then please feel free to pass this email on.  

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