The GP’s and clinical staff of this practice will be attending a training session.

There will be NO clinical staff in the practice on this day from 12.00pm. 

Therefore we will be unable to issue you any prescriptions, but we can take requests for these.  Our receptionists will be on hand to help you in the afternoon via the intercom system in our foyer for any collections or drop offs that you may have.

For any life threatening emergencies, please dial 999.

For anything routine that cannot wait until the following day dial 111 

You can also ask your pharmacist for advice on clinical matters.

We will open as normal on Wednesday 23 September 2020 where our ‘new normal’ service will continue.

Thank you for your patience during this event.



IMPORTANT NOTICE: Stourview Closure

Stourview will be temporarily closed until further notice.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 


We are open and here to help you, please telephone the surgery if you need to speak to a doctor or need an appointment with a nurse.  If you currently feel anxious or worried and need advice, we are here for you.  We are working in a slightly different way by offering a telephone triage service to keep you and our staff safe during this pandemic. If the doctor feels that you need to be seen, you will be invited down to see us. Our eConsult service is available 24/7 if you need advice, a sick note, repeat medication etc.  Please see our home page for the eConsult banner.

Social Distance and Appointment Times

Please do not arrive any earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment time. For social distancing reasons, we are only allowing a few patients in and out of the practice at one time. Therefore, if you are too early you will be asked to wait outside the building until just before your appointment time. We are currently letting patients in at the front of our building and exit at the rear via the practice car park.


On entry to the practice, we request that you clean your hands with the sanitiser provided, ring the buzzer and speak to our receptionist who will let you in. Please wear a mask to any appointment you have at the practice. If you do not have a mask, we may be able to supply you with one, but we do recommend that you purchase one. These are available in local supermarkets near the pharmacy counters. Please re-sanitise your hands on entry to the practice and take a seat in the waiting room where the clinician will come and collect you.


Thank you for your attention to this notice.


Click the image above to read the CDOP campaign messages and practical tips for parents and families, helping you and your family stay safe this summer. 

Important message for our patients: Face Coverings

PLEASE NOTE: We are not issuing letters for patients for facemask exemptions. You are very welcome to use our standard respone just drafted: "There is no requirement for a letter or certificate in relation to the wearing of face coverings. We will not be providing letters for facemask exemptions. Please see website for more information (


In accordance with the new guidance issued by the government this week, we are now asking all our patients to wear a face covering if you come to the surgery for an appointment or for any other reason. 


This will protect other patients in the waiting area and our staff. All our staff will continue to wear PPE including surgical masks for all patient face to face appointments. 


The new advice on the use of face coverings by the Government is as follows:


People should aim to wear face coverings on public transport and in some shops. 

Also in other “enclosed spaces where social distancing is not always possible and they come into contact with others that they don’t normally meet”

“Social distancing” means staying more than two metres away from someone.


We feel that the practice cannot always ensure social distancing of 2 metres so therefore we must ask all our patients to wear a face covering as they come in through the door. Face coverings should be worn and not surgical masks or respirators which should be left for healthcare staff and other workers who need them. 


The government advises washing your hands or using hand sanitiser before putting on and after takin off face coverings.


Homemade masks are not necessarily intended to help the wearer, the government says, but they could help stop you inadvertently passing on the disease to others if you have it but are not showing symptoms. 


If you do have coronavirus symptoms- such as a high temperature or continuous cough, you should stay indoors and isolate at home. 


Whichever face covering you use, they are not a substitute for other lockdown rules. Hand hygiene is just as important as before- so washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds when you get home. 


People do not need to wear face coverings where they are:

  • Outdoors or while exercising
  • In schools
  • In workplaces such as offices and shops
  • Children under two or primary aged children who cannot use them without assistance
  • People who have problems breathing while wearing a face covering.

Alcohol-based Hand Sanitiser- Vehicle Fires

This quick share is to alert everyone to the potential fire risk in vehicles, caused by alcohol-based hand sanitiser. We have received a number of reports of hand sanitiser being the cause of fires when left in vehicles in the hot weather the UK is currently experiencing. 

The alcohol hand sanitiser is becoming heated resulting in flammable vapours being released. These vapours are reaching their 'flashpoint' and then ignite in normal air conditions, setting fire to flammable components within the car. 


Product details

All alcohol-based hand sanitiser products.


What you need to do

Remove all alcohol-based hand sanitiser products from vehicles when they are no occupid, do not leave hand sanitiser in un-attended vehicles. 

You should continue to use hand sanitiser as part of your hygiene routine where you cannot use soap & water.

Remember: hand hygiene is one of the most effective methods to sto the spread of COVID-19 following indirect contact (picking up the virus by touching contaminated surfaes and objects).


For more information, please speak to your Regional Health and Safety Specialist.

This picture shows damage to a car as result of a hand sanitiser fire

Covid-19 Antibody Testing

Antibody testing for Covid-19 may be available for patients in approximately 6-8 weeks from now and is not part of your routine general blood testing. 

We will update this notification once we know more from WSCCG.

Please do not telephone us about this at the current time, further details will be confirmed on our website when available.

Thank you for your attention to this notice. 

Haverhill Family Practice


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Coronavirus (Covid-19)



The surgery is not closed. Due to the Coronavirus (Covid–19) outbreak we are operating differently so that patients can be dealt with efficiently and safely.

The majority of patients will be called by telephone on the day and invited in if necessary. Patients can also use the e-Consult service which is assessable via the website

Prescriptions and sick certificates can be requested using the slips which are located in the surgery’s foyer. Alternatively, prescriptions can be requested using the online service and sick certificates can be requested via e-Consult. Sick certificates will be posted to patients.

All patients attending the surgery will be asked the reason why they are attending and if they enter the premises their temperature will be taken by one of our nursing team.

Many thanks for your support during this difficult period.

Haverhill Family Practice.


Friday 13th March 2020- 11:00AM


Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented coronavirus national emergency and following the latest government advice we are cancelling all routine face to face appointments with effect from Friday 13 March 2020 12.30pm.  This is for the safety of both our patients and our staff.  Instead we are offering an enhanced telephone service from clinicians, if you require an urgent phone call please ring 01440 702010/703667 or alternatively use our e-consult service available on our website  You can also contact us for non-urgent queries by using our e-consult service available on our website or via email on  We will still see patients where it is clinically essential, after we have done a remote assessment.

We are working to keep all of our patients as safe as we can.  This means ‘remote by default’ including phone, e-consult and email contact.

Should you require repeat medications, these can be requested using our online system (if you have requested access to this), alternatively via our e-consult service available on our website, via your pharmacist or by posting your request (using the letterbox situated to the right of our main practice doors).

Requests for sickness certificates (Med3) can be submitted via our e-consult service available on our website Should you not have access to the internet, requests can be posted using the letterbox situated to the right of the practice's main doors.

Thank you for your understanding.

Haverhill Family Practice


Are you aged 70 to *79 - if yes, you may be eligible for a shingles vaccination - *please speak to reception to check your eligibility.  

Suffolk Family Carers

 Do you look after a partner, relative, friend or neighbour?

 You're not alone! We can help.

 Come along to our Family Carer Session for:

Family carer related information, support with your health and well-being, advice on benefits and lots more... 

It's FREE and open to all residents of Haverhill. 

We are at Haverhill Family Practice from 9-12am on the fourth Thursday of every month.

For more information contact:

Emily Meadows: Tel: 07557630965 or email

Staff at HFP making a difference!


Nurse Practitioner, Dawn Gaforg, will be taking part in the MoonWalk Iceland in June 2020. This involves walking 26.2miles, starting at midnight, all in aid of an extremely worthwhile cause. All the money raised will go towards vital breast cancer causes and helping fund research, specifically for secondary cancer. As well as raising money, increasing awareness of breast cancer is incredibly important and we hope to do this.


Dawn and all of us at Haverhill Family Practice would appreciate any donation, no matter how big or small, you could make towards this worthwhile cause. Please click on the link below to donate. 


Good luck Dawn, we hope the training is going well!  

a drawing of a face