Chlamydia Screening

Chlamydia Screening Aged 16-24

STOP PRESS: The surgery is a part of a National campaign to increase the awareness of chlamydia, and to try to persuade all 16-24 year olds to have ANNUAL SCREENING

Why should I worry about chlamydia?

  • Because it's common.
  • Because it often causes no symptoms.
  • Because you might have it.
  • Because it's EASY TO GET RID OF.
  • Because it can cause long-term problems with fertility and health if you don't.

What's the test

  • The chlamydia test is a simple kit
  • You can do it in the surgery or bring it back later
  • The result is PRIVATE and will be emailed to you or texted to your mobile phone
  • The treatment is usually a one-off dose of four antibiotic tablets
  • Nobody else will know unless YOU tell them

Who needs a chlamydia test?

  • Everyone who's ever had sex should think about it
  • If you're sexually active now you should get tested AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR.

Isn't it just promiscuous people who get it? I've only had one partner.

  • You're more likely to get it if you have more partners BUT
  • You can get it if you've only had one partner, if they had a partner before you.. When you have sex with someone you're linked to everyone they ever had sex with AND everyone they ever had sex with and so forth. So....
  • Even if you've only had one partner you could still have chlamydia.
  • It's easy to treat. It's not so easy to live with.

Set your mind at rest - get a test