There are six pharmacies in Haverhill

If you wish to leave your repeat medication list, the pharmacy can supply you directly every month. You need to phone and order from them, some pharmacies will deliver to your home, but it is best to telephone to inquire. Dossette boxes can be filled, although some pharmacies make a small charge for this service.

All pharmacies also offer products for sale, and the advice of the community pharmacist on your medication and on self treatment for simple conditions. 

2 are open for 100 hours a week, including all day Saturday and Sunday. These are Tesco Pharmacy, situated in the supermarket and the Haverhill Pharmacy at Christmas Maltings Surgery.

The Haverhill Pharmacy is located in the Christmas Maltings Surgery building. It is accessible through the front entrance even when the surgery is closed.

Telephone 01440 709996

The pharmacy offers a FREE delivery service on request, for any patient. Dossette boxes are filled free.

Opening hours are Monday - Friday 8.30am - 11pm Saturday & Sunday 8am - 9.45pm

Tesco Pharmacy

The Tesco Pharmacy, inside the supermarket, is also open for 100 hours a week, allowing the collection of medication when you do your regular shopping. Telephone 01440 759447.

David Holland Pharmacy

David Holland is situated next to the Clements Surgery, Telephone 01440 713365. The pharmacy offers a free delivery service to housebound patients.

Opening hours are 9 till 5 Monday to Friday (closed from 1 till 2) and 2 - 12.30 on Saturdays.

Well Pharmacy

The Well Pharmacy is situated on Mill Road near to the Drabbet Smock, telephone 01440 702079. The pharmacy also offers delivery, repeat medication and dossette boxes.

Lloyds Pharmacy

The pharmacy is situated in Sainsburys supermarket at Hanchett End, tel 01440 764827. Again the pharmacy offers a delivery service and dossette boxes, and we understand that it is open throughout the opening times of the supermarket itself.

Boots Pharmacy

Boots is in the High Street in Haverhill. Services include repeat prescriptions which can be help and ordered for you, pharmcist advice and over the counter sales. Telephone 01440 702058

Please note, in keeping with WSCCG policy, from September 1st most prescriptions will be issued monthly rather than two monthly. This is to reduce waste. We have previously resisted making this change but now have to come in line with other Practices.