GPs in Training

Our practice is an approved GP Trainee Training Practice.

Our students are qualified Doctors who are training to becone a GP. Our GP Partners Dr Firas Watfeh & Dr Sarah Hughes are our dedicated GP Trainers. Our GP Trainee's may consult patients on their own, under the mentorship of our trainers. Occasionally we ask permission to video a consultation. You will always be asked in advance and are given the option not to take part, and this will not affect your care in any way. No recording will be taken without your consent and the camera will be switched off on request. These videos are used only for educational purposes with the doctor doing the consultation and are destroyed after use.

Medical Students

Medical students are sometimes attached to the practice for 2 – 3 weeks as part of their training. If you do not wish a student to be present during your consultation, please inform the receptionist.